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Cristina Fernandez Interview for Glow & Grow


Youtube Transcript

Hi Cristina
I'm So Happy I'm Glad to Have You Here
We're at Chia's Silver Lining Boutique
Welcome Everybody Thank You for Joining
Us I'm Excited Because Last Week We
Launched Our Blog
With Cristina Fernandez and I Would Like
For Her to Tell Us a Little Bit About Herself
Because We've Got Some Great and
Exciting News That We Want to Present
Live if You Haven't Already Been
Watching Everything Going on So Thank
You for Being Here
And Tell Us a Little Bit About Yourself
Okay Well Thank You So Much for the Warm
I'm So Glad to Be Here With You It's
Always a Pleasure
And Like You Said My Blog Just Launched
Last Week and I'll Introduce Myself
And My Name Is Christina I Was Born and
Raised Here in El Paso
Most of My Education Was Here I Went to
College in Houston
I Got a Bachelor's of Science in Human
Nutrition and Food Science
And I'm Also a Triathlon Coach
I'm Very Passionate About Wellness
Sports and So on the Side I Do
Ironman Triathlons and So That's
Basically a Little Bit About
Me Okay That's a Lot About You I'm
Excited Because I Know That
Passion Resonates in All of This and You
Are Passionate We're So Blessed to Have
So Tell Us a Little Bit About How You
Heard About Us and Then How You Jumped
On Board
To Uh Kind of Engage in What We Started
Last Year
Uh With Our Partnership With Mighty
All Right So You and I Met What Was It
Like Two Years Ago About Two Years Ago
And We Were Connected Through My Sister
Actually Yes
And I Think That the First Day We Met We
Connected Right We Had a Vision
It's Bigger Than Us but That's Okay and
Talking We Both Realized That We Had the
Mission Ambition to Motivate Women to
Empower Them
Um Through Wellness Right Absolutely
That's How We Came Up With the Plan
To Train Women Who Were Either Battling
Or Who Had Survived Cancer and Trained
Them to Do a Triathlon
Something That They Had Never Done Right
Thankfully Here Locally There Is the
Mighty Hair
Triathlon Which Is Uh Just for Women
And So We Trained Them to Do the Mujer
Right So and Our Journey With the Women
Super Exciting I Think That That Was
Motivated Us and You Know Maybe Inspired
To Do What We're About to Share I Don't
Think Everybody Knows but We
Literally Selected Five of the Most
Amazing Women I Think in the City
That Had Never Even Basically Seen a
Bicycle Swam in a Pool
Or Even Ran Half a Mile I Would Venture
To Say
Right I Think They Didn't Even Know That
Triathlons Existed
And So It Was a Whole Journey I Mean
From When
We Met the Ladies Yes You Know to When
They Crossed the Finish Line
We Saw Their You Know Their Lives Just
Changed in So Many Different Ways
And That Was Very Inspiring for Us as
Yes Because It Makes You Realize Too
That Despite Cancer I Think Everybody in
Lives Has Some Kind of a Challenge or
Something Debilitating That Sometimes We
Tend to Cross the Finish Line to Find
Our Wellness Right
And I Think It Taught Us a Lesson Right
Right I Mean We Saw a Lot of Obstacles
Um Through the Journey and Then It
Happened and Then Coveted on Top of It
That Wasn't Gonna Stop Us No We We Just
Climbed the Wall and
We Figured Out How to Continue Training
Them and Then
July of Last Year We We Saw Them Cross
The Finish Line So
That Was Very Inspiring Yes It Was and
So Hence We Are Now Here
Launching for the First Time Ever
I'm Proud to Tell Everybody We Have a
Program Called
Glow and Grow or Grow and Glow of Course
That Is the New Journey That We Have
Learned Through This Experience That We
Would Like to Bring
To the City of El Paso for at Least
20 Women That Are Willing to Take This
Challenge of a Total Healing
And Wellness to Their Lives It's a
Life-changing Experience Completely
Life-changing but I'm Really Excited
Because the Team
That We Have Behind This Program Is
Phenomenal Starting With Christina
Who Is Designing the Whole Entire
Program for Us
Tell Us a Little Bit More About What We
Have to Expect
As People Submit Their Entries and
Want to Become Part of This Journey for
Grow and Glow
Right So Like Chia Said Um Whoever Is
Can Submit Their Applications Basically
We Want to See
Your Story You Know and What Is Behind
And What Are You Seeking With This
Glow and Grow Is Designed Like It Says
To Help You
Glow From the Inside to Radiate Outside
And Grow in So Many Different Ways
Within You Know the Wellness Aspect
And So I Mean You Are
You Will Go Through Um You Know
Life-changing Experience to
Through Yoga Exercise Boot Camps
Meditation We Will Have Public Speakers
Like Doctors Who Will Talk About
You Know Nutrition Women and Everything
That You Know That
That Supports the Women and One of the
Big Aspects of This Project
Will Be Your Nutrition as Well and So
Guided Nutrition Consultations
The Program Right and You Can Also
Expect to See Some of the Wonderful
Hikes in the City
Some Great Cycling Uh Tours I Believe
And So It's Going to Be a Great
Experience for a Lot of
People and I Think That's What We Saw as
We Have Created This Program
That We Saw All These Women Truly
Begun Began to Conquer All of Their
Obstacles and They Began to Radiate and
Glow I Love How You Said That They
We Saw That Life-changing Experience So
We Would Love to
Give That Back to Our City and When I
Say Give That Back That Is Truly What We
Are Doing
This Is 100 Um Sponsored by
Our Sponsors We Have a Great List of
Sponsors Thank You All of Our Sponsors
Thank You
That We Can Make This Happen for 20
Women in This City
And I'm Excited Because I'm Because You
Know a Cancer Survivor and Really Found
In My Journey the Importance of My
My Education Through This Whole Process
And Wellness and Exercise So
We're Really Excited to Be Able to Offer
This Experience to 20 Women
In This City So I I'm Excited Me Too I
Can't Thank You
Enough for Doing This So Thank You
Having a Piece of You in Your Heart and
In This Whole Project Is So Exciting So
I'm Very Excited Too
Yes So Call to Action We Are Asking You
To Go on to
Chia and
Apply We Have a Form That You Can
And Submit Uh We Will Take Them Until
July I Believe Till the
Beginning Beginning of July We'll Take
Applications and So if You Have Any
You Can Also Call Us Our Phone Number Is
On Our Website Chia
You Can Also Come Into Our Boutique Here
At Chia Silver Lining
At 5664 North Mesa
And You Can Get Information Here as Well
So and Also They Can Contact Us
Through Facebook Facebook or Instagram
Instagram as Well
Absolutely Yeah So We're Excited Thank
You for Joining Us Thank You for Being
Here Thank You Thank You So Much
Come on We're Excited We Can't Wait to
See You Can We
See You Bye Thank You