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Community Partners

 Cancer Foundation

Rio Grande Cancer Foundation

Chia’s Silver Lining is proud to be in partnership with the Rio Grande Cancer Foundation who serves the needs of the El Paso cancer community through their mission to reduce the burden of cancer. Chia’s Silver Lining is committed to filling the gaps in the “Total Healing” process through comfort, compassion and community.

Our partnership allows both organizations to further reach the El Paso community and surrounding areas offering education and an understanding that knowledge gives us the power and strength to take control and heal.


  • Medical Center of the Americas

    Medical Center of the Americas Foundation

    Chia’s Silver Lining is honored to be in partnership with the Medical Center of the Americas.  The MCA Campus fosters and accelerate biomedical and health care innovation, creates new employment opportunities and meets the health care needs of the Paso del Norte region’s citizens. As an elected startup business in the MCA Innovations Project Program, Chia’s Silver Lining is able to research and receive viable support and guidance in the biomedical industry thus furthering our outreach and achieving our goals of comfort, compassion and community.


  • Albertson's Foundation

    Albertson's Foundation

    Albertson’s Foundation works hand in hand with local nonprofit organizations to serve people in your neighborhood. Their focus is on giving locally to help strengthen neighborhoods and change lives. Chia’s Silver Lining is proud to collaborate with Albertson’s in our Here + Now Meetups which include free refreshments with educational guest speakers who speak on a variety of topics that address physical and emotional needs as well as patient and survivor support through social and business networking.


  • Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Centers

    Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Centers of El Paso

    The goal of Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Centers of El Paso is to provide the best cosmetic procedures available with affordable prices and in the most congenial atmosphere, while being supportive and respectful to all patients’ needs and requests. Chia’s Silver Lining respects our clients’ need for a safe and reassuring environment while undergoing reconstruction. Our partnership with Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Centers of El Paso encompasses the compassion we strive to give our clients each day. Through support, thoughtful consideration and education there will always be a Silver Lining.


  • Perches Funeral Home


    Salvador Perches is no stranger to cancer. He lost his father to cancer and accompanied his girlfriend, Chia Wollschlager, for treatment as she battled breast cancer. When Wollschlager wanted to create Chia’s Silver Lining, an online platform that addresses the non-medical gaps associated with cancer and allows family and friends to show their love, compassion and support, Perches was on board not only to help his girlfriend, but also all of those that a cancer diagnosis can impact. “Even though you may not be the one diagnosed with cancer, it affects you when you care for a loved one. When I lost my father and when my girlfriend was diagnosed with cancer, there were no support groups or a resource I could turn to for answers,” Perches said. The irony of this story is that Wollschlager serves as curator of the El Paso Funeral Museum and Perches as owner of Perches Funeral Homes and cemetery properties. But according to them, Chia’s Silver Lining is all about an appreciation of and a hope for a better life. “It’s all about life. If we can help cancer patients, survivors, family and friends through this difficult time, we will have accomplished our mission. Chia’s Silver Lining is a means to provide positive energy into these lives and to bring about change for the better,” Perches Says.


  • GAL Fashion

    GAL Fashion

    Founded by stylist Gesuina Legaspy, GAL Fashion offers a high-end boutique experience and an extensive online selection of contemporary and designer clothing and accessories. Our in-store expert stylists will fulfill your personal shopping needs with exclusive attention and the latest fashion adivce.


  • New Mexico State University
  • The Taking Time to Connect Randomized Clinical Trial

    This study compares two education programs to see which is better for helping Hispanic mothers and their children to cope with cancer. This FREE study provides:

    • a cancer education program in English and Spanish delivered entirely by telephone so you can participate from the comfort of your home
    • a cancer resource booklet
    • gift cards for each part of the study you complete

    Please call us at 575-646-5883 and leave a voicemail with your name and phone number if you, or someone you know, are interested in learning more about the study. Help us improve programs for Hispanic mothers diagnosed with cancer by participating in Taking Time to Connect.