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2020 Triage Cancer Conference

Join us November 14th, 2020 From 8:30am-3:30pm for our FREE! 2020 TRIAGE CANCER CONFERENCE

 5664 N. Mesa Suite B. | El Paso, TX 79912

Who should attend?
Individuals diagnosed with cancer, caregivers, health care professionals, & advocates will learn about:
•Understanding health insurance, picking a health insurance plan, and appealing denials
•Accessing clinical trials
•How to work through treatment or take time off
•Applying for and appealing disability insurance
•Managing finances, medical bills, and financial help
•Estate planning and medical decision making
•Becoming an empowered patient and advocate

2020 Triage Cancer Conference Agenda
8:30-8:50 MT Welcome/Coffee

8:50-9:30 MT Cancer Advocacy,Being Empowered, and Introduction to Financial Toxicity

9:30-10:30 MT Health Insurance: Understanding Your Options & Using Your Coverage

10:30-10:45 MT Break - Beauty Counter Skin Care Presentation

10:45-12:00 MT Health Insurance: Understanding Your Options & Using Your Coverage

12:00-12:30 MT Lunch

12:30-1:45 MT Managing Finances, Medical Bills & Other Documents You Need

1:45-2:45 MT Employment 101: Working Through Treatment & Taking Time Off

2:45-3:30 MT Networking

*Snacks & Beverages will be provided