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2020 Triage Cancer Conference

Join us November 14th, 2020 From 8:30am-3:30pm for our FREE! 2020 TRIAGE CANCER CONFERENCE

 5664 N. Mesa Suite B. | El Paso, TX 79912

Who should attend?
Individuals diagnosed with cancer, caregivers, health care professionals, & advocates will learn about:
  • Understanding health insurance, picking a health insurance plan, and appealing denials
  • Accessing clinical trials
  • How to work through treatment or take time off
  • Applying for and appealing disability insurance
  • Managing finances, medical bills, and financial help
  • Estate planning and medical decision making
  • Becoming an empowered patient and advocate

2020 Triage Cancer Conference Agenda

8:30-8:50 MT Welcome/Coffee

8:50-9:30 MT Cancer Advocacy, Being Empowered, and Introduction to Financial Toxicity

9:30-10:30 MT Health Insurance: Understanding Your Options & Using Your Coverage

10:30-10:45 MT Break - Beauty Counter Skin Care Presentation

10:45-12:00 MT Health Insurance: Understanding Your Options & Using Your Coverage

12:00-12:30 MT Lunch

12:30-1:45 MT Managing Finances, Medical Bills & Other Documents You Need

1:45-2:45 MT Employment 101: Working Through Treatment & Taking Time Off

2:45-3:30 MT Networking

*Snacks & Beverages will be provided