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Voices of Cancer Book by Lynda Wolters

Voices of Cancer by Lynda Wolters

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This book is a culmination of different perspectives, personalities and insights from those whose cancer journeys are both similar and completely different than the author, Lynda Wolters. She has spoken with those who were diagnosed as stage 1 through stage 4. She has spent time with people in the healthcare field, questioning their perception of cancer and its ripple effect, and she has tried to cover some of the most difficult subjects including, “What to say to someone with cancer,” and “How to actually help a cancer patient,” as well as, “Stop being so positive, we know how sick we are” and “Letting go when it is time.” A great care package item for cancer patients.

This collection of Voices have been interwoven with how to help the cancer patient, what to say to them (and what not to say) as well as what they think, feel and never say. There are tips and suggestions as well as resources for both patients and non-patients to help open up positive dialogue and find needed support.

If you’ve ever been paralyzed by “I don’t know what to say,” to someone with a life-threatening condition, Voices of Cancer can help. If you want to help someone with cancer but didn’t know what to do—Voices of Cancer can help.