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Men's Bracelets
Men's Bracelets
Men's Bracelets
Men's Bracelets
Men's Bracelets

Men's Bracelets

Mad Men
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Lava Bracelet - Environmentally Friendly

Natural onyx stones and tiger eye with multi-layer woven leather and stainless steel clasp, environmentally friendly bracelet for the rugged modern man.
Natural stones, Stainless steel clasp, Genuine leather

Faith Leather Bracelet

A stylish and sleek look with this thin leather bracelet featuring smooth finish, and a cool anchor charm. Modern style is achieved with black leather and stainless accents. Stainless steel clasp acts as an accent piece but also works as a strong closure to avoid loss. Bracelet is packaged on a handsome kraft box card, that is ideal for gifting. Designed for everyday wear.  Material: Leather/Stainless. Dimensions: 8.5" - Adjustable

Studio Copper Bracelet

Inspired by many designers, this men's look is sexy and sophisticated. Safe clasp means no risk of falling off. Big, sturdy style.  Material: Stainless Steel, Leather & Copper 

W.V.N.Y Bracelet

Black bracelet with red and silver stitching accented with silver and black metal.