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Red Aroma Heart - Cooling Material
Red Aroma Heart

Red Aroma Heart

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Give the comforting aroma of infused lavender and peppermint with the Yogibo Aroma Heart. Designed to to be warmed; the Aroma Heart will take the edge off pain providing relaxation, comfort and reassurance by increasing blood flow increasing proteins and oxygen to the heated area. A unique care package gift for someone battling cancer.

Directions: Simply put the Aroma Heart in the microwave or freezer and place it on the chest, belly, or sore spot that needs extra LOVE. The soothing aroma sensation of lavender and peppermint is guaranteed to relax!


  1. Peppermint and lavender aromatherapy
  2. Safe for both the freezer or microwave
  3. Helps with muscle aches and soreness