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Our Philosophy

We are committed to creating 100% all-natural artisan made in the USA products that are safe, synthetic free, responsibly sourced and beautiful. With all the challenges in the world today, it’s important to remember to give to ourselves—to find simple pleasures that nurture the spirit and allow us to breathe deep and be well.

100% Pure Essential Oils & Safe Ingredients

rareESSENSE Aromatherapy

We consciously source only the finest 100% essential oils from all over the world – euphoric Jasmine Sambac from India, buttery Sandalwood from Tamil Nadu and rare Zdravetz from Bulgaria. By sourcing as close to the grower and distiller as possible, we ensure the highest quality fine ingredients. Our process is far more complicated and costly than the path our competitors choose, but we would never make a product that we wouldn’t use ourselves in our own homes.

Artisan Crafted in Small Batches

All of our products are hand-crafted in our Minneapolis-based headquarters, which affords us complete control over the purity and quality of every element of our products. From hand-pouring our candles to blending the oils for aromatherapeutic synergies to decanting our perfumes, honoring the ancient principles of perfumery, we ensure everything we create is a rare and precious gift from nature to you.

Committed to the Environment

We are passionate about our products and our planet, holding fast to an uncompromising environmental standard in everything we do. This extends from the sourcing of our essential oils and waxes to using FSC-Certified (Forest Stewardship Council) approved papers and glassware containing recycled glass. We constantly strive to reduce our footprint and examine our ingredients and processes to lessen our impact on the environment. As our commitment drives the choices we make, we hope to bring awareness to the power we all have as individuals by purchasing products which are safe and beneficial for our planet.

Our People at rareEssence

Founded in 2011 by Sherri Jobelius and Brian Paulsen, at rareESSENCE we are a family. We work hard to create a premium product and we have just as much fun doing it. Just as we honor the thousands of plants which gave their essence to be a part of our pure perfumes, so we honor the people who worked the fields, distilled the oils, blended the fragrances, hand-decanted the perfumes, packed the boxes and shipped the finished product to you. Our belief is that the positive energy we feel is transferred into everything we create – we hope you feel, see and smell the love and care that we put into each and every one of our products.