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Grow & Grow: Find Health and Wellness in El Paso

16 Weeks of Free Personal Training 

There are no shortcuts to health and wellness. Getting fit often means doing the hard work of eating right, exercising and losing weight. And that means changing your lifestyle. 

At Chia's Silver Lining, our mission is to fight cancer so we've partnered with local health providers for a free program that promotes living a healthy lifestyle in El Paso. We'll show you how to live better and eat right. Then, you can show others. 



Lifestyle is a significant factor in getting cancer. Changing your lifestyle can mean the difference between getting cancer and being cancer free. 

That's the mission behind Grow and Glow. 

Grow & Glow is designed to educate women to make lifestyle changes in order to optimize their health while enjoying their wellness journey alongside other women in this community.

Discover Real Health and Wellness

Can you imagine a new you tomorrow?

Cristina Fernandez

In the Grow & Glow program, we will recruit 40 adult women whom are ready to embark on a lifestyle change to improve their health and well being through education and initiatives that promote health, healing and wellness.

This program will:

  • Increase awareness and encourage lifestyle habits contributing to well-being
  • Inspire and empower individuals to take responsibility of their own health
  • Support a sense of community
  • Motivate women to accomplish fitness goals
  • Educate women on nutrition through consultations

The Grow and Glow program will be led by Cristina Fernandez a Clinical Researcher, Nutritionist and USA Triathlon Coach. Cristina in partnership with Chia's Silver Lining local leaders in health and wellness, medicine, yoga and cycling instructors will educate and inspire our participants towards mindful health and wellness.

Submission Deadline: July 30th, 2021 

The Grow & Glow Program will officially begin August 2nd and will culminate December 10th with a wellness retreat. This program will require a commitment of weekly nutrition classes, guest speakers and fitness courses (ie: yoga, hiking, cardio, weight training, cycling etc.)

Get ready for a journey that will change your life but also give you the opportunity to be inspired and motivated by amazing people in our community!

Do you have what it takes to be healthy? 



Questions? See our FAQ. Otherwise, fill out our form below for your chance to be part of the 2021 Grow and Grow program. Program is limited to 40 women so fill out the form soon for your chance to be part of this year's wellness program. 



Last Year's Program

You don't have to run a marathon, but you could. See what past participants in our healthy lifestyle program did during the 2020 Mighty Mujer! 





How much does this program cost? 

The Grow and Glow program is free. Chia's Silver Lining provides all equipment, teachers and learning material. Your only cost is your time and willingness to change your lifestyle. 


How long is the program?

Glow and Grow lasts just over 4 months and includes classes every Monday and Wednesday, with special monthly group events like a walk race and ......

Do we need to participate in all classes? 

We're investing in you, so your participation and your success means our success. We'll motivate and pull you along, but we will ask you do your part as well. 

What happens if I have to drop out or cannot participate in all classes? 

If you find that you just cannot keep up, of course we'll understand. However, please think hard before committing to the program as we're committing our time and resources to help you live a life that's cancer free. We're asking you to do your part and participate in the full four-month program. 

Do you have daycare?

Unfortunately, no. Daycare is not offered. 


Do I need to be a cancer survivor to participate?

No. This program is open to all women in the El Paso area that are over 18 years old, whether they're a cancer survivor and just need help getting healthy. Our goal is to help El Paso get healthy. A healthy lifestyle is a major indicator that you'll live cancer free. 

Do I need any equipment? 

All equipment and learning materials are provided by Chia's Silver Lining.