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Chia's Silver Lining 2023 Cancer & Careers Conference

Join us in 2022 for the Cancer and Careers Conference!
This yearly event is hosted in El Paso and provides attendees with real-world knowledge about how to beat and live with cancer while also having a career.

Who should attend?

Individuals diagnosed with cancer, caregivers, health care professionals, & advocates

9:30-9:50 MST Welcome/Coffee
9:50-10:30 MST Body Confidence, Self Confidence in the Workplace
10:30-11:30 MST Managing Long-Term Stress
11:30-11:45 MST Break - Beauty Counter Skin Care Presentation
11:45-12:30 MST Setting Boundaries
12:30-1:00 MST Lunch
1:00-1:45 MST Using Social Media to tell your BEST story
1:45-2:45 MST Tips for Effective Communication and Eating Healthy on the Job
2:45-3:30 MST Networking


 Sponsorship Partner Rio Grande Cancer Foundation