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We All Have "CANCER" the power of Mindset

Every day is a NEW day, and while we can’t control many of the factors around us, the most important ones we can.  Our attitude.  Our sense of appreciation and focus on gratitude.  Whether we choose optimism and positivity or mindset to make this world (and the ones we love in it) a happier place.  You may recall a blog I wrote when battling breast cancer called, “What’s Your Cancer?”  It focused on the fact that ALL of us have some struggle we deal with that is just as difficult, decisive, destructive, and perhaps lethal as cancer.  But no one talks about it.  No one wants to admit it.  I promise you all that I have the EASY cancer, the one I did not ask for, contribute to, allow to spread, or otherwise want.   It chose me, and though I have every intention of doing everything I can to beat it, the odds are slightly stacked against me. 

What about your “cancer?”  How many of you are willing to fight off your struggles, focus on the positive things in life, LIVE each day to it’s fullest… Put down the bottle, get away from people who make you feel unhappy, unappreciated, unloved… Yet here we are my dear, loving friends, family, strangers… People near and far trying to help me get through the fact that today may have been my last time to the ocean… My last time telling my sons that they better never forget their momma, and how much I am depending on them to be respectful, caring, happy men whom I can be proud of… Perhaps the last time I have the chance to write one last message of hope, faith,  social happiness for everyone around me.  I am not being morbid. Let’s be frank; we are all dying… How many of you can promise me you will fight for your right to live happily, too?  As we all face our own “cancer,” I beg of you, live the best version of you every second of every minute in the day.  Smile. Excite. Live.  Yours in the trenches, on the battle field, and hoping to be remembered as the warrior who once encouraged YOU to beat the odds and give your all, Jennifer DeGraaf.