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The Skinny on Summer Skin

Is your skin summer-ready? Although we look forward to enjoying warmer temperatures and sunnier days, our skin doesn't necessarily feel the same way. We recommend modifying your usual skincare routine to include products that soothe, protect, and prepare your skin for time in the sun, water, and outdoors.

What are UV Rays?

As many of us know, the sun emits UV (ultraviolet radiation) rays which can be damaging to our skin over time. According to Carly Vandergriendt from, there are some very distinct differences between UVA, UVB, and UVC light. UVA is known to have the shortest wavelength of the three and UVC has the longest.

Each one also effects different skin cells, can lead to differing short-term and long-term effects, and has a different source.

Can Sunscreen Really Prevent UV Damage?

We know that sunscreen is important. We know that the SPF (sun protection factor) level is important. But which level do we need, and is it really helping? An article written by Dominic Wu, MD for Harvard Health Publishing explains that an SPF between 30-50 is recommended when you spend time outside. An SPF of 30 can protect against 97% of UVB rays, however any SPF above 50 has minimal more protection than 50. Wu recommends that everyone should wear sunscreen when going outdoors, no matter their skin color. The suggested amount for the face is roughly a teaspoon, and for the body is closer to a shot glass, and should be reapplied every two hours.

Coconut Oil Benefits with Sunscreen


Coconut oil is known for being a soothing natural remedy for sunburn. Coconut oil does not contain a high enough SPF to work as a sunscreen on its own, but an article posted by MedicalNewsToday informs that coconut oil can provide some benefits in terms of providing moisture, anti-itch properties, and anti-inflammation. They suggest that only cold-pressed coconut oil, like The Skinny products, be used as a moisturizer as the sunburn begins to heal. Why cold pressed? If heat is used in any step of the process, the coconut loses much of its nourishing properties, resulting in a low-quality oil that should not be applied to skin. 

The Skinny coconut oil is the only noncomedogenic coconut oil on the market - which means it does not cause your skin to break out. This is due to our extraction and processing systems using no heat in any step of the process, resulting in rich, emollient, deeply hydrating coconut oil.