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Thank you Kendra Scott

As I wandered around MD Anderson in between my doctors’ appointments and treatments, I would browse in the gift shop to entertain myself with the inspirational messages on all of the products, but then, I saw a jewelry case filled with stylish and eye-catching necklaces and earrings. The sales lady said to me, “That is Kendra Scott’s jewelry line. She donates all of this jewelry and the proceeds go back to helping cancer patients”.

Every Kendra Scott jewelry stone sparkled even more from that day forward!!!

Kendra’s dear friend Holley Rothell Kitchen, who was passionate about breast cancer research and education, lost her battle to metastatic breast cancer in January 2016.

Kendra Scott continues her legacy by taking action, fundraising for critical research, supporting families of those affected by cancer, and encouraging those undergoing treatment.

Supporting organizations that improve lives, advance knowledge, and unlock opportunity is a commitment Kendra Scott holds dear.

Kendra Scott Supports Cancer Programs


Since 2016, Kendra Scott has invested over $295,000 for breast cancer research and support and gifted 25,000 pieces of jewelry to women undergoing treatment through the Buy One, Gift One program. This year, Kendra Scott is honored to be funding a $250,000 research grant through the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, continuing the world’s most promising research in finding new treatments for metastatic breast cancer.

Kendra Scott supports Health & Wellness, Education & Entrepreneurship, and Empowerment causes at local, state and national levels.

Kendra Scott carefully chooses partners by seeking out the most effective organizations doing results-driven work, and support their efforts through grants, volunteering, and events. 

On October 6, 2021, Chia’s Silver Lining and Kendra Scott team up to host a Here + Now Meet-up at La Villita On Mesa, 6801 N. Mesa St., from 5pm-8pm. 20% of your purchase will go back to Chia’s Silver Lining in order to support, educate and help a cancer patient or survivor.

Please join us and help us show love and support!!!