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Make a Wish List: Let us Help You

For someone who has been given the diagnosis of a long-term illness, like cancer, the prospect of what they are about to be faced with is overwhelming and scary. As a friend or loved one, all you want to do is help and sometimes it's difficult to know what exactly they need and how you can best support them. Additionally, the needs of an ill person can change on a day-to-day basis so it can be difficult for them to verbalize or even recognize where they need the most help.

The best way, is to begin is by asking your loved one what they want. What can you do for them? Offering suggestions can be helpful because they may not realize that you would be willing to go to the grocery store, clean the house or cook a meal. Remember, to be sensitive and don't push your own desires ahead of what would be really helpful to them. However, definitely encourage them to think along the path of things that would be beneficial to them. Offer to organize their list of tasks or needs so that they don't have to have the same conversation over and over again with family members and friends. You can organize meals, child care, carpool/rides or errands. Make sure to ask them how often would they like the meals, if there any allergies and include any dietary restrictions.

Many times you are not in the same city as a friend or loved one who has become ill.  It is difficult to help with those day to day tasks, yet you still want to help. You can ask your friend or loved one to create a wish list. At Chia’s Silver Lining our product mission is to take the guesswork out of choosing the perfect gift for someone who is suffering from a long-term illness. Our products focus is anything that promotes overall wellness and comfort or the other side of healing. We understand that our customers have specific needs while going through or recovering from treatment. Our  product line has been thoroughly researched with the care and consideration of what a cancer patient or survivor needs while going through recovery. We have developed care packages and gift items that meet the expectations of our clients journey to wellness. They arrive beautifully packaged (like a present) and include an encouragement card that can be further personalized by the gift giver. Encourage your friend to visit Chia's Silver Lining to make a wish list and to share that wish list with their loved ones.

It is interesting that we have no problem registering for wedding or baby registries and sharing them for showers, but when we need help the most, we feel embarrassed about asking others for it. Friends, family and co-workers are there to support loved ones in sickness, good times and in bad. Someone who is processing through treatment should not feel shy about asking for things or favors that would be helpful to their comfort and recovery. Your support means the world to someone who may be overwhelmed emotionally as well as physically taxed. Everyone just wants to help. Encourage your friend to understand that this is a time where those who love them want to stand around them and support them… So let them do it.

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