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Taking Time to Connect: A Study of Programs for Hispanic Mothers Diagnosed With Cancer and Their Children

Chia's Silver Lining is pleased to announce our collaboration with the a new study out of New Mexico State University called "Taking Time to Connect". Taking Time to Connect is a study comparing education programs for Hispanic mothers diagnosed with cancer with the goal of helping you and your children cope with your cancer diagnosis and illness.  Below you will find out a little more about the purpose of this study and how you or someone you know may be able to participate in it. Participation is free of charge and focused on Hispanic Mothers recently diagnosed with cancer living in the border counties of Doña Ana, New Mexico and El Paso, Texas. All information is in both English and Spanish and can be done from the comfort of your home. The hopeful outcome of this study is to gain information to later provide helpful educational materials and research to non-profit organizations serving Hispanic parents with cancer throughout the United States.

Why should I take part in this study? 

To learn how to improve your and your child's ability to cope with cancer. 

To help improve programs designed for Hispanic cancer survivors.

Add to your self-care. 

Manage your cancer-related stress.

Talk to your child about your cancer. 

Help your child cope with your cancer.

 Taking Time to Connect is for moms who:

Are Hispanic

Have been diagnosed with cancer (stage 0, I, II, or III) in the past 2 years

Have a child 5 to 17 years old 

Live in the following counties: Doña Ana, Luna, Otero, Hidalgo Bernalillo,            or El Paso.

You will receive:

A $10 gift card after each education session 

A $25 gift card for each survey 

A directory with cancer resources for your county

In this study you will: 

Participate in 1 of 2 educational programs with a health educator 

Complete 3 surveys (one before and two after the program)

Study time & place:

All education and survey sessions are scheduled at times that are convenient for you.

All sessions are done over the phone so that you can participate in the comfort of your own home.

For more information on how you or someone you know can participate in this study, please contact: 
Rebecca Palacios, PhD 915-274-6206 575-646-4309 or Clara Reyes, MPH 575-646-5883



NMSU: Partnership for the Advancement of Cancer Research