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Grow and Glow 2021 - 16 weeks of health and wellness training journey

In the Grow & Glow program, selected adult women challenged themselves to improve their health and well being through education and initiatives that promote health, healing and wellness.

Cristina Fernandez

The program was led by Cristina Fernandez, a clinical researcher, nutritionist and Team USA triathlon coach. Cristina, in partnership with Chia's Silver Lining, educated and inspired our participants towards mindful health and wellness.

There are no shortcuts to health and wellness. Getting fit often means doing the hard work of eating right, exercising and losing weight. That means changing your lifestyle. That means the difference between getting cancer and being cancer free. 

Grow and Glow Program


2021 Grow & Glow Success Stories 

 The Completion Ceremony 

Meet Rosario one of our #growandglow2021 warriors!

Meet Jasmine one of our #growandglow2021 warriors!


Meet Gelus one of our #growandglow2021 warriors!

At Chia's Silver Lining, our mission is to fight cancer promoting living a healthy lifestyle in El Paso.