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Gift Giving for Men

Today marks the beginning of Testicular Cancer Awareness month. 

We are all are familiar with Breast Cancer Awareness month and maybe even Movember which is when men do not shave in order to raise awareness of men's health issues like prostate cancer.  So why do we need an entire month to raise awareness about testicular cancer? The main reason, and it is the same for Breast Cancer Awareness month, is to get men or women to do self exams.

Testicular Cancer Awareness Run

The Most Common Form of Cancer in Men

You may not know that testicular cancer is the most common cancer for men in the ages between 15-34. This month highlights the importance of self exams and raises awareness of what signs to look for. 

As I sit her and write this I am grateful for the continued rise in Breast Cancer Awareness.  I feel thankful that that so many have embraced the cause.  I love seeing the sports teams wearing pink and the many events that surround Breast Cancer Awareness month, but we do not see the same level of promotion or even acceptance for men's health issues. Is it because as a society we still hold on to that "macho" way of thinking or is it perhaps that we believe men are unflappable? Or is  it because, as women, we are more likely to discuss our personal and health issues while men tend to keep things bottled up?

Men Have Cancer Too

We know that men have cancer too and we want to support you.  We understand that buying a gift for any man in your life can be difficult in the best of times much less when they are feeling ill.  We also believe that men deserve to be pampered too!  While researching products for men in our Comfort Boutique we tried to really think about what gift items would bring a man comfort.  What things would we like to give the men in our lives? How can we support men as well as women in their cancer journey?

Men's Travel Pack

Chia's Silver Lining has developed a beautiful line of Men's Gift items that show support and comfort, but are also good to give any man in your life at any time of year. The Travel Care Package is great for any man who travels either for work or for treatment.  It is filled with travel sized organic skin products  and includes a stylish backpack, dopp kit, grooming kit and comfortable slip on shoes. We also carry Comfort Care Packages  full of comforting items like an organic cotton blankets, GMO free soy candles, Pinch Me Therapy Dough and more. 

Cozy and comfortable for anyone who may be ill. And for the spiritual man in your life we also carry a Prayer Journal, Daily Prayer book, pen candle and Pinch Me Therapy Dough called the Inspirational Care package. All of our gift items are curated with comfort and support in mind and can be purchased as care packages or individually. 

So this month please remember and support the men in your life with gentle reminders to do their own  monthly self exams and also remember that Chia's Silver Lining is here to support both women and men in their cancer journey through Meet Ups, Blogs and with thoughtfully curated gift items for men too!