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4 Tips for Building a More Ethical Wardrobe with Organic Cotton

Capsule wardrobes have become a recent trend and for good reason.  They make it easier to get dressed, cost less, push back against fast fashion and are better for the environment.  The concept is to limit your clothing, shoes and accessories for a season to only pieces that you love.  This number varies, with some adopters limiting themselves to 30 pieces, and others taking a less strict stance.  The other advantage is that capsule wardrobes force you to be more selective in your clothing purchases, encouraging you to only buy items you love and that can work in a variety of outfits.  

2. Shop Secondhand and Vintage

With sites such as Poshmark and Thred Up boasting mobile applications, it's never been easier to scroll through used pieces that match your exact size and specifications.  And when you shop vintage pieces, you're guaranteed to have an original and unique piece that others will admire.  

3. Choose Natural Fabrics and Avoid Plastics

The microplastics crisis continues to threaten our waters.  As consumers wash their polyester and rayon clothing, small plastic fibers end up in the remaining water and are wreaking havoc for wildlife.  Choosing cotton, linen and other natural fibers not only represents an environmentally sound choice, but are more comfortable, last longer and offer better temperature control.  

4. Look for Organic and Fair Trade Labels

It's no secret that we're proponents of organic cotton.  Choosing organic clothing for your closet reduces pesticide use, prevents environmental contamination and ensures safer conditions for farmers, workers and you as a consumer.  Look for the GOTS symbol and Fair Trade USA labels.

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