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Benefits of Organic Clothing

Why Choose Organic Bamboo Clothing When You Have Cancer?

Why choose organic bamboo clothing when you have cancer?

First, bamboo clothing is soft against the most irritated skin. Clothes made from bamboo stay soft for patients healing from mastectomies, chemotherapy or radiation, ensuring that patients don't infect body areas while trying to stay active. 

Second, bamboo clothing is fashionable (or at least the kind that we sell). Recovering from cancer surgeries and therapies mean you want to feel good about yourself. Fashionable clothes that feel good and work with a body that's experienced trauma promote better health. Cancer patients are more apt to go outside, be with people, and just move when they feel more comfortable. And the more a person moves and socializes, the faster their healing journey. 

A great example of our line of bamboo clothing is our organic bamboo jumper: 

Bamboo PJ Set

Why Choose Bamboo Clothing that's Organic?

Bamboo clothing that's organic also adds a new dimension to healthy clothing. If you already know the benefits of going organic for food, you know how important organic clothing can be as well. 

Here's a few of the benefits adding organic bamboo clothing to the wardrobe of a person going through their cancer journey: 

Bamboo Clothing is Good for the Environment

Clothing is a major source of pollution

Anyone going through chemotherapy and radiation knows that adding harmful chemicals to your body only drags the body down. It's hard to feel good when your body doesn't feel good. 

Most clothes are made from equally harsh chemicals that harm the planet. In fact, the clothing industry is responsible for nearly 10% of all greenhouse gasses (source) and contribute over 300 million tons of plastic trash each year. Many believe that this same environment is what helps cause cancer in many individuals. Trash and pollution are believed to account for nearly 10 percent of all cancers in Europe. This just isn't right. 

Purchasing a simple loungewear set made from organic bamboo might not seem like much, but it is a small step that contributes to bettering the environment. It's also a mindset that separates you from the polluting practices that results in so much cancer throughout the world each year.

Why make that part of your healing journey? 

Organic Bamboo Clothing is "Easy Care" Clothing

Bamboo Clothing keeps its antibacterial qualities even after 50 washes

Artificially treated fabrics require very specific cleaning practices to keep them flexible and clean. Have you ever ruined an outfit by not following the care directions carefully? This is a huge problem for fabric created from petroleum products. However, that's not the case with organic bamboo. 

Organic bamboo clothing not only retains its shape and color after the wash, but it also retains its antibacterial qualities after more than 50 washes! This means organic bamboo doesn't need harsh chemicals to remain flexible and clean. You can use softer detergents knowing that you're clothes will still emerge from the wash clean, but without the chemical residue and without harming the core part of the fabric. 

And keeping clothing fresh and feeling good is the real value for organic bamboo fabrics: they just last. 


Perfect Clothing for Sensitive Skin

Nude woman with sensitive skin

One of the key properties that come from organic bamboo is that it's naturally antimicrobial. Natural antimicrobial properties help reduce the bacteria that thrive on clothing and other materials as well as on the human skin. For people undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, bamboo's antimicrobial properties mean they can be more active without having to worry as much about germ build up on their skin. 

Bamboo's antimicrobial qualities come from the bamboo tree itself. The bamboo tree contains substances that protect itself against insects and fungus. Those attributes are part of the very fibers that make the clothes we sell. 

Coupled with the fact that organic bamboo is softer than cotton, bamboo fabrics can offer real solutions for people suffering from skin irritation. If you've tried all the simple fixes without success, consider the fabric you're wearing. Much like with food, chemicals are used on the crops used to create non-organic clothing stays with the fabric and eventual reaches you. 

A simple run through the washer doesn't remove chemicals from fabrics. The only thing that removes those chemicals is not putting them into the clothes in the first place. 


Quality & Comfort

If you prioritize quality and comfort, then organic clothing will be your go to time after time. Garments made from organically manufactured fabrics that lack the heavy chemical treatments of non-organic clothes tend to be softer and more breathable.

And that soft, clean feel stays with you as you as you go through your cancer journey.