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100 Self Improvement Tips to Stay Healthy and Prevent Cancer - Part 6

Make time for the fun stuffs. 🥳

  1. Make time for fun if you’re an overachiever. Fun is absolutely necessary to your health and happiness. For the type-A, the overachiever, put fun in your schedule. You’ll enjoy life more. And people will enjoy you more.

  2. Cut back on fun if you’re an underachiever. The opposite is true if you tend to spend all your free time having fun. If you are disorganized, haven’t cleaned in a while, or have no idea what your goals are – cut back on the fun (don’t get rid of it completely though) and spend time thinking and working on personal development.

  3. Pursue a hobby that you love – just for fun. This will give you ownership of something you do just for you. Try some new ones while you’re at it 😜

  4. Find creative ways to have fun without spending loads of money. Getting creative with your fun on the cheap will push you outside your comfort zone and into new experiences you wouldn’t otherwise have.

  5. Laugh, be silly, and find your inner child. Play (anything for the joy of doing) has the power to significantly improve everything from your brain power to mental and physical health to relationships to your ability to be creative. Remember those days when we’d call our friends to see if they wanted to come over and play? Yeah, just like that.

  6. Get outside and play. The outdoors allows you to explore and take adventures in a way you can’t get otherwise.

  7. Laugh as much as possible. Laughter is good for the soul. Laughter gives you a jolt of happiness instantly. If you can increase how much you laugh, you can increase your overall happiness.