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100 Self Improvement Tips to Stay Healthy and Prevent Cancer - Part 2

Work on the relationships you want to last. 👯‍♀️

  1. Be your own best friend. Learning to love yourself will create a feeling of being centered. Something that everyone deserves to experience. You’ll be happier in all areas of your life.

  2. Set #relationshipgoals. How do you want your friendships to be maintained? Start small and come up with goals together.

  3. Put as much effort into your relationships as you do into your everyday work. This is absolutely necessary. People matter the most in this world. Prioritize your people.

  4. Give people the benefit of the doubt. If you make this an everyday practice, trust us … you’ll be happier. You won’t question others as much and you’ll find that you’ll become less judgmental.

  5. Have “family” meetings. Whether it’s with your roommate or your partner. Discuss how things are going, including your personal goals, financial goals and anything else. It’s good to have a scheduled time to check-in with each other.

  6. Call one friend or family member once a day. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the need to stay in touch, simply call one person you care about every day. Do it when you’re walking the dogs, while you’re on your way to work, or even on your lunch break. This way, over time, you’ll stay in touch with everyone.

  7. Stop being a victim. Whatever your circumstances are, take ownership of every single one of them. Then, take action.

  8. Learn to argue productively. Arguing is part of any healthy relationship. Learn how to do it constructively and respectfully. Don’t just argue for arguing’s sake.

  9. Say sorry the right way. Don’t use “ifs” in your apologies (ex: “I’m sorry if I upset you). Address your apology head-on and take responsibility for your actions. Try “I understand how you feel and I’m sorry that I upset you.” Validation is also key.

  10. Don’t put your partner down in public. This is one of the worst things you can do. It’s disrespectful and harms the relationship. How do you want to live and be perceived by others?

  11. Stop negative thoughts about other people when you begin to think them. This practice can become an easy habit, and when it does, you’ll get out of a negative mindset. You’ll be happier overall and less judgmental in the long run.

  12. Commit to playing with your kids and/or pets regularly. It’s not enough to provide for them financially. They need your time (and quality time at that). 🐶🐱

  13. Prioritize your kids and/or over your work. This is hard for the workaholic of the family, but it’s worth it. Your regrets at the end of your life will be about the individuals in your life – not work. Prioritize your people and your pets.

  14. A compliment a day … Makes people very happy! You never know when someone is feeling down or needs a little pick-me-up. Who knows, it could even open up a new relationship.