Comfort Care Package for Woman
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Comfort Cancer Care Package for Woman
Comfort Cancer Care Package for Woman

Comfort Cancer Care Package for Woman

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Showing that you care about a friend or loved one's comfort and well being is easy to do with our Comfort Basket for Women. Our organic, vegan and chemical free skin care products are just right for women.  Along with the soft and luxurious Suzanne robe and Afton Pearl bootie slippers she'll be set for comfort.  Just light the GMO-free soy candle, wear the warmed aromatherapy eye mask and a warm drink in the CSL Pink Caus Cup and she'll have everything she needs for restful afternoon A gift for people fighting cancer.

This Care Package includes:

  • Lip Balm vanilla
  • Calming Body Melt
  • CSL Pink Caus Cup replaces Corkcicle cup
  • Suzanne Long Robe
  • Afton Pearl Bootie
  • Rose & Sandalwood GMO free candle
  • Aromatherapy Spa Eye Mask
  • Headache Head Wrap replaces Pinch Me Therapy Dough