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Smarty Pits

 About Smarty Pits Deodorant

It’s aluminum-free!

It’s aluminum-free!

All aluminum in your antiperspirant is designed to work against your body and clog up your sweat glands. How is aluminum-free deodorant different?

It’s phthalate-free!

It’s phthalate-free!

All of our fragrances are phthalate-free, paraben-free, propylene glycol-free, and cruelty-free. Most store-bought deodorants use phthalates in their fragrances, which are commonly used in commercial plastics and solvents. Want to know more about why we opt for something better?

It’s powered by prebiotics!

It’s Powered by Prebiotics!

Perhaps the most unique part of the SmartyPits formula is our inclusion of prebiotics, which helps to nourish the good bacteria living in your pits. Curious about how prebiotics can work for you?

Where is SmartyPits Made?

All of our deodorants are completely hand-poured by our SmartyPits Squad in Tehachapi, California. We formulate, melt, mix, pour, and label everything completely in-house!

What is the Difference in Formulas?

Our standard formula is made with baking soda—we also call it our “extra strength” formula. It’s been tried and true for thousands of customers, and is very effective at controlling odor. However, we’ve found that some of our customer base has baking soda sensitivities. This isn’t a food allergy, but rather has to do with each customer’s particular skin chemistry (and can be a result of everything from diet to hormonal shifts to genetics). Often, customers do not know if they are baking soda sensitive unless they have tried a natural deodorant before and had a reaction. If a customer is baking soda sensitive. It will often manifest as a red, itchy rash. It can also manifest as a darkening or roughening of the skin. This can happen within a day or even over the course of months; the details truly depend on the makeup of the individual.

Because of this possibility, we developed a formula for customers that are baking soda sensitive. This formula contains magnesium instead of baking soda. While still quite effective, a customer may need a second application toward the end of the day if he/she is having a particularly active occasion. It is a great choice for people who know they are baking soda sensitive (we’re getting more and more customers who specifically seek out a baking soda free option!), for younger customers, and for those who already know they have sensitive skin in general.

 We also have a cream formula made with zinc oxide, which is vegan, wax-free, ultra smooth in application, and best for the most sensitive skin. Note: this formula does go on white, since zinc oxide is the ingredient found in natural sunscreen--but it is quite effective at odor control!

Why does Smarty Pits Support Breast Cancer Research?

The creation of SmartyPits was inspired by founder Stacia Guzzo’s mother, a breast cancer survivor. Because of her mother’s history with breast cancer (which doctors believe was influenced by environmental factors), Stacia is both on a mission to help as many people go aluminum-free as possible AND help support the fight against breast cancer for current cancer warriors. To learn more about the SmartyPits story, click here.

Is SmartyPits an Antiperspirant?

Antiperspirants contain aluminum, which prohibits approximately 20-30% of the sweat from exiting your body (at least where it’s applied).

 SmartyPits is proudly aluminum-free and therefore not an antiperspirant; however, we do include plant-based powders in our formula which help absorb moisture and wick away sweat naturally.

Will SmartyPits Stop Me from Sweating?

No way—and that’s the point! Only aluminum-based antiperspirants can swell in the skin and block sweat (along with other toxins) from exiting the body. However, our plant-based powders do absorb and wick away sweat, so you’ll feel dryer than when using other natural deodorant options like a crystal or spray.

Will SmartyPits Stain My Clothes?

Staining is pretty rare for SmartyPits. But if staining has been experienced, here are several possibilities of why it might have happened:

    i. Over-application. There may be excess product that is not getting absorbed.

    ii. Laundry detergent. It could be that the combination of the current detergent, our natural ingredients, and unique sweat chemistry is causing buildup.

   iii. Personal body chemistry. Body chemistry is a complex thing, as it has to do with a holistic approach to the body: genetics, diet, environment, and a host of other things that can influence the interaction between an individual’s sweat and the natural ingredients in SmartyPits.

However, as we noted in the beginning, these results are rare!

A few suggestions to help:

    • Consider experimenting with different detergents.

    • If clothes are tight fitting (and especially cotton), you'll want to make sure the deodorant is totally absorbed--it's not going to "dry" as much as it should absorb like a lotion would. We suggest gently swinging your arm forward and back to rub it into the skin after you apply (and before putting on your top), which seems to help it absorb a little more quickly.

    • If you have experienced stains and are looking for solutions to get them out, we've heard that a paste of baking soda and Dawn dish detergent can help with any stains that might have already happened.