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  • National Cooking Day With Chef Rulis!

    We are so excited to have a special guest Chef Rulis of "Rulis' International Kitchen" join us to celebrate National Cooking Day this year! Check o...
  • Peeling Back the Curtain: All about Heavy Metals in Color Cosmetics by Beautycounter

    Beauty marketing claims may lead consumers to believe that “natural” means “safe”—but that isn’t always the case, and heavy metals are a prime exam...
  • Moving to Organic Skin Care Products by Wendy Dessler

    Consumers are becoming more concerned with how their products are created. They want to know what toxins they're introducing to their household, as well as how their products impact the world around them. For these reasons, many people have been making a move to organic skincare products. Here's what you need to know about going natural and which areas to focus on first. 
  • Mindful Meditation: 5 Minutes a Day Can Change Your Life!

    It is a great time to evaluate daily routines and consider beginning a new practice. Practicing Mindful Meditation just five minutes a day can have a lasting positive impact on your mental and physical health. Learn more and start today!
  • Taking Time to Connect: A Study of Programs for Hispanic Mothers Diagnosed With Cancer and Their Children

    Chia's Silver Lining is pleased to announce our collaboration with the a new study out of New Mexico State University called "Taking Time to Connect". Taking Time to Connect is a study comparing education programs for Hispanic mothers diagnosed with cancer with the goal of helping you and your children cope with your cancer diagnosis and illness. 
  • The Skinny on Summer Skin

    Is your skin summer-ready? Although we look forward to enjoying warmer temperatures and sunnier days, our skin doesn't necessarily feel the same way. We recommend modifying your usual skincare routine to include products that soothe, protect, and prepare your skin for time in the sun, water, and outdoors.
  • Shop at Chia's Silver Linings's NEW Store!

    Chia's Silver Lining is excited to announce the opening of our first store in addition to our website,  We are proud to work with Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center of El Paso as a Community Partner to continue to bring you the highest quality gift items as well as the continued educational support to cancer patients and their families. But really, wellness is for everyone - especially now.
  • My Two Cents by Victoria Gregory

    There is no sunscreen that can block out all of the sun's rays, so it's clear that the best sunscreen is a hat and a shirt. By covering the skin, you don't have to worry about burning, chemicals, or reapplication. However, that isn't always realistic and we have to depend on sunscreen when we go to the beach or when we play sports, etc.  So in addition to following the above six rules when choosing a sunscreen, it is important to check out the EWG SKIN DEEP database to see how your choice is rated for safety.  
  • 5 RULES FOR BUYING SUNSCREEN by Victoria Gregory

    According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, one in five Americans will develop skin cancer at some point in their lives. While we can turn to sunscreens to help protect ourselves from some of the negative side effects of too much sun, all sunscreens are not created equal. In fact, some controversial research suggests that sunscreens may even contribute to cancer by forming potentially harmful breakdown products when absorbed into the skin and enter the bloodstream. Whether or not a link actually exists, we can't deny that most sunscreens contain many dangerous chemicals that are harmful to our heal
  • The Not So Sunny Side of Sunscreen By Victoria Gregory

    I was at the beach last weekend and was inundated with the toxic smell of aerosol sunscreen wafting through the air. People all around me were spraying it all over their bodies and their kids’ faces without a second thought to what types of chemicals they might be inhaling and their effect on their health. After all, if it’s sold in the U.S., it must be safe! The FDA is surely looking out for us and our families, right? WRONG!
  • Combating the Quarantine Blues

    Connecting socially is vital to our mental health and well being, so here are a few tips to stay connected and to keep your mind and body busy in order to combat the blues.

    At Chia's Silver Lining we are proud to carry an incredible line of men's skin care products called OLIVINA MEN.  Their products formulate grooming...